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The paradox technique is actually a contradiction that can be resolved. In this mannequin, “yin” represents feminine energy; such as the moon, water, darkness, passivity, intuition, softness, contraction, and surrendering to the universe. Meanwhile, “yang” represents masculine vitality; such because the sun, hearth, light, activity, rational thinking, violence, expansion, and firmness. “Yin-yang” is a philosophy and way of life in Chinese tradition that can additionally be related to paradoxes. In this case, the mixture of “yin” and “yang” represents a type of balance. The “yin-yang” model shows that nothing is truly reverse – there are no absolute boundaries between black (“yin”) and white (“yang”); the point of “yin” exists in “yang,” and the point of “yang” additionally exists in “yin.”

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The Chinese authorities even boasted that without Zhangjiajie, there can be little chance for Avatar to turn out to be the highest-grossing film of all time with whole income reaching USD2.788 billion , even beating Titanic . Therefore, Chinese tour guides finally refer to this karst rock mountainous space as Avatar Mountains to tourists. The existence of lovely nature, cultural diversity, and supported by infrastructure readiness make China worthy of being developed into a world-class vacationer destination.

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International tourists from China have been the biggest spenders within the tourism trade for a while previous to the pandemic. As a result of the pandemic, their absence from worldwide travel has brought on a significant hole in worldwide tourism income, which has been felt most by neighboring countries in the area. The stage is ready for ITB China to be once again an exceptional gathering of world industry leaders, top travel locations and business experience.