10 Weird But Wonderful Japanese Beauty Gadgets

10 Weird But Wonderful Japanese Beauty Gadgets

Atex Lourdes Meme Steamer


With our addiction to all screens big and small, it’s no wonder a lot of us suffer from dry eyes. For a little TLC, there’s nothing better than the Meme Steamer eye mask to soothe tired, itchy eyes with, ironically, the flick of a switch button. An eye mask that gently releases steam and plays relaxing music to transport you to a state of hydrated eye bliss.

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Facial Fitness Pao


Forget face yoga. The Pao facial exerciser is a flexible, weighted bar that is designed to tone facial muscles. Bite down on it (that’s right) and gently nod your head for 30 seconds twice a day for a facial workout that promises to tighten, lift and slim your face. This product definitely ranks number one on the looking-hilariously ridiculous-to-get-pretty scale.

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Magic Putti Nose


Get your ideal nose in an instant. So it claims. This little splint is placed inside your nose, close to your nostril opening, to elongate and slim the tip of your nose. Comes with three splint sizes and a set of sticks for easy removal. Honestly, if you’re brave enough and not squeamish about putting things up your nostrils, go for it. Ready to embrace your inner five-year-old?

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Happy Face Trainer


This ultra-cute, cookie-shaped gizmo claims to tone and strengthen facial muscles around the mouth and trains your face to form more youthful expressions. Just pop the cookie in your mouth and practice saying “eee…ooo” 10 times, three sets per day. Personally, I’d rather eat an actual crunchy cookie to strengthen my facial muscles…could that not give me the same results, too?

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ReFa Atomizer (Mist)


An elegant mist dispenser that delivers 99% pure carbonic acid to your skin and helps visibly restore the skin’s natural condition. Apparently, skincare treatment with high-purity carbonic acid is “difficult” to achieve with conventional cosmetic products, hence the ReFa atomizer. I mean… if you have the money and just want to spend it, why not.

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Mirable Plus Shower Head


Let’s enter the beauty future with the latest Japanese technology. This time, it’s…a shower head. Of course, this is not just your ordinary shower head. This one generates ultra-fine bubbles and removes chlorine meaning it has excellent deep cleaning power and rejuvenates your skin. It also has water-saving effects. That’s surely a win for all the eco-conscious consumers out there.

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Atex Lourdes EMS Mask


A mask equipped with EMS technology to stimulate points around the mouth and neck area so you can perform facial exercises anytime, anywhere. Apparently, you can have a secret facial workout without anyone knowing as it doesn’t stand out…or so the company says. Except, would people really not notice the bizarre microphone/headset-looking thing sticking out of the mask?

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Proidea Utaet Ex+


Wow. Just when you thought things couldn’t get any weirder. This beauty gadget is said to strengthen your abdominal muscles, practice breathing exercises, while also allowing you to do voice training. In other words, you can sing your favorite songs with all your might and at the same time perform abdominal breathing exercises. Everything really does exist in Japan.

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Oyama Toe Pad Pro


Magic toe pads that promote weight loss just by wearing them and walking. Targeting those who want to improve their exercise efficiency, their diet effectiveness and achieve beautiful legs. The uncomfortable-looking toe pads provide powerful sole stimulation while naturally correcting your posture. And bonus point, it can be used by both men and women.

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Atex Lourdes EMS Sheet Nexa


Thin and lightweight, this sheet allows you to efficiently perform arm and leg exercises. A “fun” muscle training experience with EMS complex waves that emit low and medium frequencies. Not sure if muscle training can ever be considered as “enjoyable” but there you go. I guess the LED illumination lights add that extra something special?

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